Management options have been integrated into this scenario planning framework so that jurisdictions can assess their current and potential risks under different climate futures. The management options component of the scenario planning method can therefore inform your community about different development options and how those options intersect with uncertainties about the climate.

In studying where and how your community might be at risk under different development futures, it is necessary to develop tools and methods to identify and map current infrastructure arrangements, as well as future projected management options. This chapter explains different management options, provides a sample framework for how to begin this process, and then includes a detailed guide for how to use the CommunityViz program to establish development futures for any community.

Background and Considerations

In order to create management scenarios that reflect possible futures most relevant to your community, you should consider the following questions when creating your community’s development futures:

  • What do you currently have in terms of structures and infrastructure?
  • What does your current zoning ordinance allow for in terms of future development?
  • What kinds of Best Management Practices (BMPs) might you wish to implement that could restrict exposing future development to high risk floods?

For the technical methodology, download the Land Use Impacts Technical Guide.